He doesn’t do design, artworking, voiceovers or project management — he does copy. There’s a lot of other things he likes to do when not writing copy. It’s a long list, but at the end of the day, Gary Does Copy.

He doesn’t do procrastinating. No clock-watching, time-stretching or faffing. Gary works quickly and effectively so he can build a long-lasting relationship with you, keep unearthing fresh insights in the garden of creativity for you, and making those words count.

Ok, maybe Gary does daydream a bit of playing the main room at Fabric, or opening a quiet little bistro, but it’s still really all about the copy.

Gary likes learning new stuff, every day. Factoids are like brain snacks. Reports are like an info club sandwich, and the web is an all you can eat knowledge buffet. Research is king. His work won’t be a hack job or copy cut and shut. It’ll be 100% original.

All he wants is to do a sterling job. That means empowering your messaging, fortifying your brand with words of steel, tell the best story and leave you content with your content. He’s not in it for the glory. Simply, Gary Does Copy. Because he loves it.