He did all those scrappy little jobs, backbone strengthening roles and mini careers that led him here. He’s gained a hefty amount of life experience, put down roots in Copyville, and loves it. GDC is here for you, your business, brand, start-up or charity.

You want to know about GDC and what he can do for you, right? He probably slipped you a card after a friendly conversation about you or your business. You may have found him through Twitter on LinkedIn, or somebody told you how awesome he is (it happens).

You probably want to skim and scroll. We get it. Patience wears thin and you’re looking for the money shot. It feels like 24 and that clock is ticking. Maybe we should just get on with it. Statistically we’ve got about 8.2 seconds to get grab your attention by the bits and hook you in.

Well, better make it brief from here on in. Maybe bullet points will make it quicker and easier for us TO GET TO THE POINT for you…

GDC provides lots of things:

  • Content that makes you content
  • Reviews of things that make you go mmmmm
  • Anti-blah blog posts
  • Cunning solutions to your creative brief
  • Brochure words that make you buy
  • A wordy partner to a visual vanguard
  • Product descriptions+click+basket=sale
  • Brand storytelling that marries the audience to the product/service
  • Direct Marketing.
  • Straight to the heart of the matter
  • Conceptual, grey-sky thinking (c’mon, this is Britain)
  • A Tone of Voice that will make you stop. Look. Listen.
  • Scripts for TV or Radio.
  • Will that be 15, 30 seconds or more, sir?
  • A GSOH, mad DJ skills, witty banter and LOVES cats (hang on, wrong site)

Still reading? Thanks. You’ve got this far. You get the idea. Lists are fine, but this all boils down to one thing, you can call it what you want, but it’s simple: Gary Does Copy.