DBTH is a dad blog, and ad-centric PR/Events company. The owner and editor Dan is an old skool b-boy, dad and ideas dynamo. Met online and have started writing reviews for them. Will be getting involved on bigger projects in the future. Watch this space.



Elephant Atta is a brand leader that make atta flour for chapatis, and other foodstuffs. I was referred to MediaReach, who handle Elephant Atta’s account, to write seasonal/occasional blog posts for them. They have a highly targeted market, as well as benefit led products which influences the style of their communications.




My work for CoolStays could be seen as advertorial, or simply as content, but it involves taking existing materials from the property owners, and writing in the CS tone of voice.




This was a tongue-in-cheek reaction piece for LinkedIn that was inspired when begrudginlgy sitting through The Apprentice. I realised that there were a lot of tasks and situations that a copywriter would excel at in ‘The Process’. This was a piece It got a 100+ likes, and some great feedback from the copy community




I write shareable, easily readable and fun film & TV posts for Virgin Media’s website. As a still obsessed and learned (Film &TV degree!) fan, it’s a pretty fun gig, especially the research.




This was a piece of social content that had my furthest reach due to tagging in the right people at the right time.

The One Minute Brief was for the relaunch of the Nokia3310. I knew that Wiley and Skepta had both mentioned them in lyrics, and we all know those bars stay up forever.

Simple line, but has been my biggest tweet yet. 50 likes and 30,000 impressions. All because I tweeted Wiley’s camp, and it got a RT. That’s the beauty of SM.

A2 J


This was a ‘good cause’ OMB entry. Since entering, Access to Justice have used my shortlisted winners entries in their sustained Twitter campaign.

They’re is an ad hoc body set up to coordinate action to protect access to justice for people injured through no fault of their own.

My entry has been retweeted by key legal and medical figures and keeps on rolling. It’s a strong line that’s obviously striking a chord.


My first taste of big agency life (if only for a couple of days). Was a great project, working on disruptive social at the time of a rival’s keynote speech. I slotted in and worked with an inter-agency cohort of senior creatives, managers, etc. Long hours, and a lot of fun.

Eurostar 1


I saw a copywriter job at Eurostar and went for it… and the same day, I was renewed on my long-term contract. So, made the decision to stay where I was. It was a fun challenge for me, and they said they liked it. I also created the image as well from scratch. Not bad for a bit of MS Paint work.