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GDC James Burns Interview

Some time ago, I went to a free photography exhibition in Shoreditch called London From The Rooftops. Being a proud Londoner with a keen eye, I instantly took a liking to his work. Stunning photography by James Burns.

It took a long time (he is permanently in a state of ascendancy) to pin him down, but we emailed back and forth, with me pestering him. I managed to elicit some great responses from him.

The self-initiated project was finished in 2016 when Andy (CD of Weather by Design) designed it for me as part of the branding of my site. I’m yet to go on a sunrise rooftop shoot with James, but it’s on the bucket list.

Download the whole interview on PDF here

Ne Interview

NE Interview

In my day job as Editor/Copywriter at Immediate Future I have to write a blog every couple of weeks. Pretty good self-development in terms of learning about current social trends, and an opportunity for me to speak to individuals I think have made a difference, like Nick Entwistle of One Minue Briefs and Al Ferguson of The Dad Network. I also attended a Creative Mornings talk with Emma Gannon and wrote a piece about millennials in the workplace.



London On The Inside is where I cut my teeth on music journalism. I wrote reviews, was exposed to new bands, went to some amazing gigs. After awhile, I was given ownership of their Spotify sponsored Throwback Thursday feauture. Music. Writing. Combined? Always a pleasure, never a chore.

Informi Informi 2


I was approcahed to write a blo about freelance copywriting by Informi. They provide business advice & support. I wrote it from the heart, and even though it was a bit longer than their normal posts, the editor was very happy with it. It has been reposted by different copywriting accounts, writers, etc. causing a minor ripple in the copy community pond. All + feedback, which kind of validates what I do.