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Food & Drink magazine

I am a regular contributor to Food & Drink magazine, a widely circultaed, adverotrial driven directory magazine. The copy follows a strict house policy, but there is room for some copy creativity. I have also written guest blogs for them. Perks? Sampling restaurants, cafes and events to review, for free. 


Gilgamesh Restaurant

Before I’d even decided to be a copywriter, I’d worked with my brother, a designer, on some branding projects. Gilgamesh was and is an opulent, pan-Asian restaurant in the heart of Camden. I wrote a press release and some of the web copy. It sparked the idea that I could do this full-time! Looking back, the copy was too long and sprawling, not in quality, only in length. Have come a long way since.

Born Yesterday Pops Up

Born Yesterday

A quick, fun job. Friends of friends, they had a tasty proposiiton – a pop-up food stall that serves freshly poached eggs with bubble and squeak, and Bloody Marys (home-made recipe). Was hooked, so decided helped out with a press release. They’ve since gone on to serve the unwashed masses at Glastonbury, and are on the rise.

Elephant Atta Loti

Elephant Atta & Loti

Both of these are in the odds & blogs section, but thought I’d showcase something a little more specific on here, too. Bon Copétit!