Revive The Regal Flyer

This was an early (2014) piece written when I was building a portfolio after changing careers. I became involved with a local focus group who were trying to save the fortunes of a crumbling Grade 2 listed building. It’s still sheathed in corporate sheeting, with a secretive, undecided future, but we had a go.

Jl Brand Brochure Final 1 Page 2

James Laurence Estate Agents

It’s a joy to work with an agency like Plott. Clear briefs and great clients, including this one. The project was to refresh James Laurence’s branding, including copy. It was a chance to give an estate agent a warmer, more human TOV. God knows they need it. 

Download the whole brochure here

Bodmin Page 1

Bodmin Jail

I worked with a local (Kingston) company who were undertaiking a large project to overhaul a tourist attraction, starting with their leaflet brochure. Bodmin Jail was a fascinating project. A real ‘I’ve learned a few things’ affair for this copywriter!

Download the whole brochure here

Laos Page 1 Laos Page 2 Laos Page 3 Laos Page 4 Laos Page 5 Laos Page 6


I worked on a brochure for an award-winning travel company. it was a last-minute gig, and one of my first (2012) as a fledgling copywriter. I love writing food & drink, travel and culture, as the power of the copy lies in description. The tough part was trying to come up with alternaives to beautiful or exotic!