Gary Does: Photography interview with James Burns (London from the Rooftops)

22.09.16 · Interview

I’m always inspired by London, and it struck me in a big way when I attended an exhibition in Shoreditch a few years ago, by James Burns, a photographer who shoots ‘London from the Rooftops’.

His pictures are beautiful, mesmerising and as a Londoner, fill me with a sense of pride. Even if on the ground, things might be turning to shit, get above it all and London stands tall as a giant with its history, giving us a glimpse into its future and providing the backdrop for a million little stories being lived out every day by its inhabitants.

As well as being a lover of words, I also have a keen aesthetic outlook (film, design, photography, comic books, fashion), so, I wanted to find out what inspires him and fuels his artistry.

I took it upon myself to found out more about him (he likes pirate radio and jungle – tick) and after many emails and questions, I had a fully rounded interview which is now ready for all to read and digest.

It’s still my ambition to actually meet the man and accompany him on a shoot, but, one step at a time. London wasn’t built in a day.

Download the interview as a PDF. Trust me, it's a cracking read!

Special thanks to Andy@Weather for the design.