Gary Does: Islington Night Market

22.09.16 · Food & Drink

Rain definitely doesn’t stop play. Especially if you’re hungry, curious and looking to sample global bites that will have you coming back for more, ticking each stall off one by one.

Islington Green may be good for walking the dog, having an al fresco sandwich or simply cutting through to get to Screen on the Green, but now, it can be added to the exponentially growing list of food markets popping up wherever they damn well can.

On a lashingly wet Saturday night, I passed through, lured by the tasty tendrils of smoke rising above the hubbub. The roll call was impressive – Tuco’s Brazilian hot dogs, Gyoza Guys’ rough and ready dumpling shack (that turned out to serve gossamer thin dumplings packed with taste), Pakistani street food (kebab rolls that are destined to be eaten before 10 pints), All Greek to Me and more.

Who won out? Cheeky burger. There was a healthy side of banter served alongside the Elvis. What gluttonous gourmand wouldn’t want bacon and peanut butter with their patty? It was mouth-wateringly dense, packed with flavours and textures.

Well, that’s round one done. Let’s see who wins round two, on the next visit. 


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