Gary Does: Copy Cabana 2016

19.09.16 · One Minute Briefs · Copywriting

When is networking not ‘working'? When it’s a hell of a lot of fun, at a beach location, surrounded by peers, meeting friends you haven’t met yet and enjoying a copy cornucopia of industry talent ready to impart vital career developing info.

Copy Cabana 2016. Can’t wait.

I grabbed a ticket as soon as I heard about it (as a brief on @oneminutebriefs). My entries for OMB (attached) weren’t winners, but it was soon apparent that through OMB and those following the #copywritersunite hashtag there was going to be some copywriters I might get to meet in the flesh.

Am particularly looking forward to seeing (have you heard the word about) Drayton Bird, Pete Cain, Kathryn Jacob, Nicole Dempster and Miles Carter. He of those John Lewis ads. Where did he get his PhD in Heartstring Pulling?

I still reckon CCTV is a great idea! (Modest? Moi?). I might even solicit some reactions for a short film. After all, if you can’t ask a copywriter to feedback on copywriting at a copywriting conference, you’re stuck with crap top 10 ‘how to be a copywriter’ posts forever.

I’ll be the one with his business card clumsily pinned to his shirt. After all, if GaryDoesCopy, then he definitely does CopyCabana2016.


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