A site for sore eyes


It’s not a parallax site. It’s not stuffed with jargon. It’s hopefully not too repetitive of other copywriters’ mission statements (I salute you all). What I do hope is that you get a sense of my personality coming through, and how it infuses my writing.

GaryDoesCopy is nearly all me. I wrote the writey bits, but the design (nice, huh?) was handled by Andy Cooke of Weather Design. We met online after I put a shout-out on Twitter for a designer to collaborate with on a project, and here is the result.

Messages were exchanged, diaries were diarised, and I ventured out of the capital and was up in Stoke in no time (thanks Virgin Trains). We’d had brief conversations, and being a true, curious copywriter, going somewhere new, to meet somebody new was a thrill.

Andy came back with three routes after I brain dumped my ideas on him, and I eventually (as they were all great) chose one. GaryDoesCopy, as a concept, was born and has now been executed.

Ably assisting the Talented Mr Cooke, was Chrish Dunne on drums web design and Ben Boothman (Graphic Design and Illustration). The boys done good, and I sincerely hope to be working with them again, and again.

The site looks great, and I hope it reads well. It will inspire me to write more, think more, post more and be staggeringly busy with writing, every day. Because after all, Gary Does Copy.


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