Gary Does: Informi blog post

Good things come to those that are candid, reflective and have good advice it seems. Off the back of my 'Why I do OMB...' post, I received an email asking if I'd be happy to write a post on my journey towards becoming a freelance copywriter. I didn't jump at...


25.04.17 · Work

Gary Does: Huff Post

My first Huff post was recently published. I was referred by Dan at DontBelieveTheHype, a fantastic dad blog with a dadifesto and plans for world dadination. I've already written a couple of articles for DBTH on an excellent music documentary, and the current DC Art of the Brick exhibition. It's a pleasure to be...


25.04.17 · Work

Gary Does: One Minute Briefs (every day)

One Minute Briefs. It’s not just a game-changer. It’s a life-changer. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a copywriter. Actually, scrub that, not true. I had no idea. I wanted to be a film script writer, or, ahem, a film studies teacher, or a...


30.01.17 · Copywriting

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Gary Does: 2016 Netflix

Round-up of the year. Blah blah. Well, I’ve got a good reason to be looking back and getting all nostalgic, and it’s thanks to Netflix. A groaning grab bag of superb original content (and some not so great – Spectral) which has kept me highly entertained. Not only am I...


22.12.16 · TV

Garydoes Copy

Gary Does: Roald Dahl Centenary

As a lover of language with a childlike curiosity that’s never really satisfied, the Roald Dahl dictionary nestles nicely on my shelf between an Ogilvy bio and a creative journal.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate his enduring genius, 100 years after his birth. We’ve even got our young creative in waiting...


08.12.16 · Copywriting

Dahl Dictionary

Gary Does: Photography interview with James Burns (London from the Rooftops)

I’m always inspired by London, and it struck me in a big way when I attended an exhibition in Shoreditch a few years ago, by James Burns, a photographer who shoots ‘London from the Rooftops’. His pictures are beautiful, mesmerising and as a Londoner, fill me with a sense of...


22.09.16 · Interview


Gary Does: Islington Night Market

Rain definitely doesn’t stop play. Especially if you’re hungry, curious and looking to sample global bites that will have you coming back for more, ticking each stall off one by one. Islington Green may be good for walking the dog, having an al fresco sandwich or simply cutting through to...


22.09.16 · Food & Drink

Islington Night Market

Gary Does: Copy Cabana 2016

When is networking not ‘working'? When it’s a hell of a lot of fun, at a beach location, surrounded by peers, meeting friends you haven’t met yet and enjoying a copy cornucopia of industry talent ready to impart vital career developing info. Copy Cabana 2016. Can’t wait. I grabbed a...


19.09.16 · One Minute Briefs · Copywriting

Copy Cabana 2016

Gary Does: Film Reviews (#22 of 40 Ways to Stay Creative)

Hands up who likes a hot, sweaty commute. Ah, you can’t, because there’s no bloody room, and won’t because it sucks. One thing that’s taken the sting out of the commute from outer London to outer outer London (i.e. the M4 corridor) for me, is the chance to settle down...


10.08.16 · Film

How To Stay Creative

GARY DOES: Summer Playlist

Summer vibes are upon us, and that means having the right tunes to soundtrack it. I’ve been collating from various sources and have rounded up my current favourite ear-ticklers that could soundtrack a BBQ, picnic in a park, warm up a party or just fill your ears with goodness. There’s...


09.06.16 · Music

Vintage Record Player

Gary Does: Spotify Music Throwback Thursdays

Every week, I review and cast a light on a classic album for London on The Inside, a London blog that I review music and occasionally food and drink for. As a brazen music obsessive, it's pretty good to go back and listen to something in full, without skipping. Here's...


06.05.16 · Music

Loti Throw Back Thursday1

Gary Does: A trip to the Magic Garden

Another bank holiday? Need a fresh idea on where to take your kids? Fear not harassed parents, for the Tudor inspired Magic Garden’s gates will be open to invite young princes and princesses into its fantastical playground of energy sapping wonders. Time was, we’d be criss-crossing London chasing parties and pop-ups...


29.04.16 · Kids

Magic Garden 1200 670

Gary Does: Italian review - Padella

I'm a sucker for a soft launch. 50% off will always lure me in, especially where food and drink is concerned. So, when I found out about Padella opening at the front of Borough Market, it was time to pick a dinner companion (Italophile brother), go light on lunch and...


22.04.16 · Food & Drink

Padella 1

Gary Does: Music Reviews - Guns N Roses

Thursday is Spotify Throwback Thursday at London The Inside and I get to choose and write them. Today's is Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction. The wife and I recently had a Wayne's World moment in the car together to Sweet Child O' Mine as the boy (2 years old) looked on...


21.04.16 · Music

Loti Throw Back Thursday1

Gary Does: OMB 20 April 2016 #Pickles

One Minute Briefs April 2016 #PICKLES. Only managed a couple, but one of them turned out to be a McWinner. See both entries here. A daily dose of creativity keeps the mental cobwebs away. If you like it, get involved.


21.04.16 · Work

Omb Logo

A site for sore eyes

It’s not a parallax site. It’s not stuffed with jargon. It’s hopefully not too repetitive of other copywriters’ mission statements (I salute you all). What I do hope is that you get a sense of my personality coming through, and how it infuses my writing. GaryDoesCopy is nearly all me...



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